G100 Sweden – in cooperation with Stockholm +50, 31 May – 3 June

”It was most inspiring to be in Sweden. Ever leading the gender equality agenda from the forefront, it is the first to have a feminist foreign policy, which means that all decision making is seen through the lens of whether or not it further the Rights, Representation and Resources for women, in pursuit of gender equality, harmonising power, influence, voice and vision across genders. 

The G100 meetings were held alongside the Stockholm+50, a two-day international meeting convened by UN, hosted by Sweden and supported by Kenya to rethink and renew commitment to accelerated actions for a sustainable future for all. 

Across our deliberations, the role of women and women’s leadership was highlighted toward achieving progress and outcomes on all UN SDGs , especially climate. G100 is leading a model for the same – if we can raise the transnational efforts to focus on SDG 5 of Gender Equality in all walks of life alongside our accelerated actions for climate, then we can all surely achieve the delivery of the SDGs by 2030 as envisaged.”/Harbeen Arora, Founder of G100

You can read more about our meetings in Parliament, the Regional Administration, Foreign Ministry, Civil Society, Stockholm +50 Event and check the photos here. You can also read more about G100 and what we do on the same webpage.