Today it was time for me and my mentee Shirin from the Lebanese greens to present our work sofar on her work plan/road map towards creating a Green Women’s network in Lebanon and towards being a candidate for elections. After 25 years being elected on all different levels I’ve gathered some (or much) experience in what works and what does not in politics.

When I was asked to be one of the mentors for the Asia Pacific Green Federation Women Network my first thought was that I don’t have the time but now I’m happy I gave it a go. I really don’t regret it. It’s especially interesting to be able to support other women in the world with your same ideas, helping them not to fall in the same traps we did when we started many years ago, sharing experiences on the way to success. I look with confidence to the future knowing there are so many young women out there ready to step forward and continue the struggle for a better and sustainable planet for us all.