Soon ready Walking the Covid Tightrope

From august to november me and Marion collected personal stories about Covid lockdown from around the world. The main feeling putting this book together has left us with is one of richness. Despite all the serious issues being faced, there is a warmth and humanity that comes through. There is an honesty; there are pains and
struggles, and also creativity and resilience. There is a quiet message of hope that whatever the obstacles, we can learn from this forced stop situation and look ahead to perhaps each playing a small part in creating a
better post-lockdown future.

It has also been quite a process of collating, translating, editing, finding illustrations doing the layout, taking first steps in looking to the marketing (our first magazine article about the book came out last week in Page 33).

We hope others may get as much from reading this book as we have. It contains so many different facets of the kaleidoscope of life during lockdown, human stories many people are going through themselves. It talks of the highs and lows, concerns about the environment, worries and hopes for humanity, dealing with pain, ideas on how to locate oneself in this continuing situation, thoughts of things to do. We believe it could make
inspiring reading for many.

Bodil and Marion &